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This is an improved searchable database for quick access to your Official Server backup. Just type in your server name or the server number and let autocomplete do the rest. Download it directly from the results.

Studio Wildcard did not provide any console backups for now therefore we can't show them here.

Note: You will need to add the command-line arguments -newsaveformat -usestore in order to load these saves in both single-player mode or on a server.

For more instructions please refer to the full guide made by Tiia Aurora, or the official wiki .

August 2023 List

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ArkUtils created this page as a collaborative effort from the community. We're not affiliated with any companies involved. The files you see aren't stored on our servers; we simply provide direct links to the original sources. Our primary goal with this page is to help you easily find the backup you need, without any unnecessary difficulty.

You can find the original links on Wildcard's own server backup page.